KBB Method Review- Open Now (2.0)

The KBB method is an outstanding program that Tony Robbin's and Dean Graziosi put together that since has had tremendous success. This method is exploding especially because in person events have been shut down. If you haven't seen the updated KBB 2.0 training then you'll want to see that here while it's still open.

KBB Method Review

I will break down for you in this in depth review, everything you need to know about this method Tony Robbins put together and how to get access to the bonuses, Mindmint software, the modules inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and more.

It's time to take you through a mindset shift and grow to new heights ."You won't find an eagle in a chicken coop."

It's time to become the best version of your self in this digital age.

What Is Tony Robbins KBB Method?

The KBB method or The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an incredible strategy that is helping everyday ordinary people become extraordinary by learning from the best in the world on how to create your own profitable mastermind groups, courses or online event. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, internet marketing master Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher and more are teaching you how to become extremely successful in this space along with the marketing strategies you'll need to find your target audience to rapidly scale your business in no time.

It's about learning how to take your knowledge (you're a knowledge broker) or passion and turn it into a high paying and lucrative career through mastermind groups, coaching and courses. This method combined with the Mind Mint software is a complete game changer in this industry and will tremendously help you to setup successful and profitable masterminds.

This program that Tony and Dean put together has positively impacted over 35,000 people in 150 countries and growing.

Don't think it can work for you or what you do? Think again, because the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has worked for over 4,000 niches and counting.

"You won't find an eagle hanging out in a chicken coop." When you surround yourself with others that are more successful or striving for greatness, you will naturally follow their footsteps. 

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Who Created The KBB Method? This Is Extremely Important

The KBB Method was created by some of the most known, sought after entrepreneurs and like minded individuals in the world. This is where things get good...

Almost everyone has heard of Tony Robbin's

The guys coached some of the biggest athletes in the world like Conor McGregor and the biggest business guys like Ray Dalio. He is famous for his seminars, self help books and has changed millions of lives. He saw the massive need for people who wanted to also change lives by having and impactful business and that's where the KBB Method came in.

Now, not only do you have the opportunity to be trained by him but you're also trained by other entrepreneurs who are the expert in their field. This way you're not investing in some online guru or someone who isn't well known. It's much better to be able to serve your clients and show them that you've been trained by the best of the best in the world.

  • Dean Graziosi - Dean is the other half of the KBB Method (and KBB 2.0). Most people know him from his firewood business story, massive real estate success as an investor, real estate entrepreneur, a Dean Graziosi course or his real estate TV show. He has also created a massive following on social media, wrote one of the best selling books Millionaire Success Habits and has inspired millions of entrepreneurs around the world. Just like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi is dedicated and obsessed with helping people succeed.
  • Russell Brunson - Russell is a master at marketing. He is known around the world for his Educational and software company Clickfunnels. He also has an incredible following on Facebook and does a lot of live training on how to grow businesses and succeed in this digital economy. He is the brains behind how to market and grow a successful mastermind and has helped a tremendous amount of people become massively profitable in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course.

When you combine Tony, Dean and Russell Brunson together, these like minded individuals provide the top tier training, internet marketing strategies, Mindmint software and everything you'll need to launch successful mastermind groups and to tremendously grow your business from the ground up.

The Idea Behind The Knowledge Business Blueprint

Before we dive into the details of what's inside the KBB course and the price, let's sum up what the course is so far and breakdown this KBB method review.

The course, which is often known as KBB, is also the same product name as, The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, parent company mastermind.com llc, KBB 2.0 and soon if you're on the list they will be releasing KBB 3.0.

You will get to learn how to create and build your very own knowledge broker business by:

  • Building a successful mastermind group.
  • Be able to utilize the Mindmint software to host your online event.
  • Share your knowledge with your fans through your live event or online mastermind
  • You'll learn how to take your knowledge and understand how to turn it into a profitable business that's dedicated to helping people.

You might be thinking that this program sounds like a lot and you have no clue where to start. That's why Tony Robbins and Dean put together this free training you can watch below.

In order to succeed as a knowledge broker and to succeed quickly in this digital economy, you'll need to surround yourself with like minded people. "You won't find an eagle in a chicken coop". You will grow tremendously when you surround yourself with experts like Robbin's, Graziosi and Russell Brunson.

This will get you to success quicker than anything else. You'll know all the proper steps to take, exactly what to avoid that will slow you down and how to tackle every area that will grow your business to the level you want it too.

The KBB method isn't just about starting or growing your business. It's also heavily focused on the mindset and how to help you reset your self image to match the successful person you will be in the future.

What Is Mindmint Software? - Review KBB Method

The Mindmint software is just like your own personal assistant that can handle many different things in your knowledge broker business.

Mind Mint Software

The best features:

  • Website Builder: Utilize the pre built marketing web pages, different types of funnels like application funnels along with the pre written converting emails to use from the start.
  • Building your event from scratch: Lay out every step from agenda to end so you can create the perfect blueprint to your mastermind using the wisdom extractor feature to quickly do this.
  • Accepting payments for your business: No need to use different payment processors. Mindmint is an all in one payment system that takes care of this.
  • Customer Tracking & Sales: You have at your fingertips a powerful CRM that will allow you to track and bill your customers for your masterminds.
  • And beyond.

The KBB course takes care of you by teaching you how to start your business and providing you the software to easily handle the logistics so you can focus on the most important pieces like helping your customers.

Do you need this software tool to be successful in this business? No, but it's kind of like asking "Would it be easier to run a marathon in running shoes or flip flops?" The Mindmint software is the running shoes.

KBB Method Course Overview

What's inside the KBB method? The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program with Tony and Dean is broken down into six easy to digest and very detailed modules.

Here is a summary of the lessons inside of the program:

Module 1- Mindset Mastery (The most important)

This is the beginning of your journey where Tony and Dean will teach you how to create a profitable mastermind group from the ground up in a short amount of time.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

Some more key things you will get to learn in this module are:

  • How to setup and run a successful mastermind utilizing the triangle technique that Tony Robbins and Dean created.
  • You'll see the biggest takeaways from Tony Robbins success stories because...SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.
  • Extract knowledge on how to select a niche to go after that's based on all your skills, then you'll learn how to choose your ideal clients that will be excited to pay for your program, time and knowledge.
  • Have access to the same tools used by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi in order to run successful events.
  • Understand the industry leading Mindmint software to put all your work together, which means you will be able to have a smooth running business.

Here are what the lessons cover:

Lesson 1- 5 Keys to constantly Progress and avoid failure.

Mindset is the most important piece of business and of a program like this. This is where Tony and Dean will teach you how to feed your mind and body with positive thoughts that will kill self-sabotage. These are real life lessons from Tony and don't miss a second of it.

Lesson 2- Transformational Vocabulary

This is the key to have a mindset for success. It's understanding in this program how to have an unbreakable mindset so it's not a matter of if success will happen, it's a matter of when.

Lesson 3- Must Have Millionaire Success Habits

Humans are creatures of habit and when you're able to have the right ones in your life, it will change. This is about killing your inner villain and unleashing your inner hero.

Lesson 4- How To Design A Course Or Talk That Will Influence

The focus here is how to turn you thoughts and ideas into a course, mastermind, event or talk. This is the biggest roadblock for most people and will save you a ton of time knowing exactly how to get around that roadblock.

Module 2- Extraction and Discovery

This part of the program is focused on how too turn that unique knowledge or idea you have and you get to learn how to make it into your own unique offer.

This is where you'll start learning the software and tools and put them into action to create successful events.

The 4 lessons covered:

Lesson 1- Your Expertise and Ideal Client

This is where Robbins and Dean Graziosi will teach you how to find your ideal client, how to stand out and be unique. You will get a niche tool you can utilize to narrow down your your target audience for your business.

Lesson 2- Story - Teach -Tool

People LOVE stories. More importantly, when you learn the art of storytelling then you can write your own paychecks. When you learn how to put your unique offer into a story that resonates with your ideal people then the sky is the limit.

Lesson 3- Tool Box Part 1

Learn how to use many tools in these two parts. The clarity tool is important at this stage to propel you to success. You can see the list in the photo below

Lesson 4- Your Tool Box Part 2

The spotlight, wrap up and connection tool are taught in this section of the program. You will learn important negotiation strategies on how to negotiate with prospects and how you can easily come up with ideas for you group discussions.

Module 3- Marketing Mastery (Cash Flow) Don't Miss This One

This is an extremely important section because this is where you will extract knowledge to help you rapidly grow your business and become highly profitable by knowing how to market through social media, paid advertisements and more.

Lesson 1- Becoming a Marketing Expert

This is where Tony, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson share all their expert knowledge on how to drive traffic and customers to your business. They will also break down the "Hook, Story, Offer" you will use that will make customers line up to want to work with you.

Lesson 2- Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

Save time by learning the difference between a website and a funnel. More importantly when and where to use each one. You will also understand how to properly price your program and how to create the funnels for your business.

Lesson 3- The Different Pages

In the KBB course, you'll learn how to create the perfect application funnel for customers to fill out, high converting program order pages so your leads will be excited to get the chance to work with you or watch your event.

Lesson 4- Launch Secrets

This is the money maker. This is where you'll see how to launch your event and get a lot of eyes on your offer while also gaining the knowledge of how to setup evergreen events which is a very lucrative asset.

Module 4- Generating The Right Leads

Learn from the experts on marketing to know exactly how to target the correct people.

Lesson 1- The Wagon Wheel Of Marketing

Understand the wagon wheel of marketing technique and the kind of copy that gets clients to keep reading every word and that will persuade them to want to work with you.

Lesson 2- Your First 100 Perfect Fans

This is taught by Rachel Miller , where it teaches how to set a proper foundation to gain momentum in your business and to create a raving fan base quickly.

Lesson 3- Social Media and Organic (free) Traffic

If you want to save time and money, this lesson is a powerful one. Learn how to crush it with podcasts, and different methods of evergreen content to bring you leads day in and day out for free.

Lesson 4- Spending Money On Ads

I believe this to be one of the greatest investments of all time. Imagine spending $100 to make $1000. That's an $900 profit and when you know exactly how to do that, the way they'll teach you in this section then sky is the limit for you.

You'll know the secrets and magic behind Facebook and Youtube advertising and know exactly how to crush it.

Lesson 5- What's Next To Scale

Another money maker in your business will be to learn email management. Stu McLaren also teaches you how to do a beta launch of your program.

Module 5 - Running Your Event With Confidence

This is where you begin to turn the wheels of your event.

Lesson 1 - "The Perfect Mastermind Formula"

You will learn the psychology behind running a highly successful mastermind.

Lesson 2- Virtual Event Checklists

This is where you'll learn the art of a perfect event while also understanding how to properly set it up and run it with zoom.

Lesson 3- The prefect In Person Event

Now this isn't so much a necessity right now with a pandemic going on. That's why the focus now is adapting online with your business more than you could of ever have in the past. It's a perfect opportunity for beginners to get started.

Lesson 4- Last steps and Thank You

You will learn how to end your events in style and properly thank your fans so they can feel appreciated and so happy they attended.

Module 6- Knowledge Consultant and Reporter

This is the end of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB Method) where it goes over how to become a knowledge consultant, how to always create a winning game plan and how to get your raving fans to say yes to what you're offering.

This is a very well and thought out program. Heck, if you were to work with these guys personally Dean and Tony or even Russell, they charge upwards of $100k+ for an hour to work with them 1-on-1. Which leads in the final question, how much is the KBB method?

How Much Does The KBB Method Cost?

The investment for the KBB Method program is just $1497 or 4 payments of $427, which is an extremely small amount of money compared to the value you're getting and more importantly who it's from.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

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KBB Method Bonuses

If you want to see a breakdown of the insane bonuses like the Mind Mint software designed for the knowledge broker blueprint by T. Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Even get bonus access to the Facebook community so you can surround yourself with like minded individuals.

KBB Bonuses

Testimonials and More For This KBB Method Review

Dean Graziosi, Tony, Jenna Kutcher and Russell all have massive success stories. But let's take a look at just a handful of the many student success stories from the program.

KBB Testimonials

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