Tube Buddy

Looking into a software to help rapidly grow your YouTube channel and see people asking the question, is TubeBuddy Safe? To keep things simple and to give a short answer, is TubeBuddy safe: Yes. But why?

TubeBuddy has been around for awhile, is YouTube certified and you'll find a lot of successful and well known youtubers using TubeBuddy to help optimize, manage and rank their YouTube videos both on the platform and google.

They keep your personal information secure. They will keep your personal data safe and Tubebuddy will not delete your videos. You can learn more at their privacy policy page.

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is an easy to use google chrome extension that offers a ton of tools to help grow a YouTube channel and has both a free and paid version. You use this tool through your google account.

It's biggest and best time saving features that help YouTube creators are things like the amazing thumbnail generator to help increase the CTR(Click through rate) and to grab attention to your video.

The in depth statistics that TubeBuddy collects with it's analytics tool. The SEO studio that helps with your YouTube video titles, tags, descriptions and more.

Also the keyword explorer that will show you the best keywords to rank for to get the most viewers and engagement. After using Tubebuddy for awhile now successfully, I can tell you that the answer is yes, TubeBuddy is safe.

Is TubeBuddy Safe?

Wondering Is TubeBuddy Worth It?

Does a bear... Never mind, the good news is that using TubeBuddy has created massive success with a lot of YouTube Channels. At the bare minimum, it will only help you to rank higher, get more views to your videos, grow your recent subscribers list and make your thumbnails better with the thumbnail creator.

Top Ranking Factors For YouTube

Probably should mention what the search engine looks for in content so you can understand why this tool can help.

They look at:

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) is how many people see your content, click it and actually stay to watch.
  • Watch time. How long are people watching your video after they click on it. They don't like when people leave fast because they see it as not good content.
  • Engagement. Are viewers giving a thumbs up, subscriber or commenting. This is why you see content creators saying to like and subscribe in their vids.

Most Popular Tube Buddy Tools

TubeBuddy has a ton of really great tools that will help you guys to get more eye's on your videos. It's kind of like shortcut to success and a big boost compared to other YouTube channels not using it.

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

YouTube Keyword Research Tool

This Youtube keyword research tool is designed to give you data to help you see what keywords people are searching for in YouTube. Which means you will be able rank your videos higher in the search results, get a lot higher views to your videos and channel while also getting access to relevant video topic ideas. 

TubeBuddy YouTube Thumbnail Generator

YouTube Thumbnail generator

Use the TubeBuddy thumbnail creator to create eye catching, professional thumbnails that will help you not only stand out in the competitive search results but also help your click through rate which is a ranking factor in YouTube. 

TubeBuddy SEO Studio - A Secret Weapon

TubeBuddy SEO Studio

This is what will help you come up with the BEST titles, tags and description to rank your videos high in the search results giving you more views and subscribers. You can check out the TubeBuddy SEO studio tutorial at the link below to see how powerful it is.

Comment Moderation

YouTube Comment Moderation

Instead of having to go through every video individually you can control the comments section of all your videos in one place. TubeBuddy even has canned responses to a comment to help perform tasks faster and reply/answer to the comments in one place.

TubeBuddy YouTube Health Report 

YouTube Health Report

Get access to traffic source stats, performance, engagement data and what kind of audience you have. 

TubeBuddy Videolytics

TubeBuddy Videolytics

You can access important analytics of your videos, channel and ALSO insights from your competitors videos. 

TubeBuddy A/B Split Testing

YouTube SEO

No more guessing what thumbnails, tags, descriptions or titles work best. This tool will show you the data that brings in the most clicks, views and engagement so you can optimize and improve your content and channel.

So Why Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use?

TubeBuddy is safe because it has been around for over a decade and helping content creators grow their YouTube channel everyday. TubeBuddy is YouTube certified. YouTube is also owned by google which has an incredibly high security principle. TubeBuddy is a chrome plugin which helps with authentication of this tool making TubeBuddy safe.

The company is consistently adding new tools to help grow you channel, things like bulk processing tools to save time, free access to see if you like it and they pledge to keep your personal data safe.

TubeBuddy is also used by a lot of big YouTubers and brands so the company is always at the top of their game making sure that the extension is completely safe. You can have free access to using TubeBuddy by simply downloading the tool at the link below.

Warning, it may grow your YouTube channel...

Conclusion is Tubebuddy Safe?

With Tubebuddy being Youtube certified, a track record of people exploding their YouTube channel with views, comments and subs, I can tell you from personal experience and after many years of using a pro account that it is safe.

It has always functioned the way it's designed too. It has provided great metrics and insights to help me understand exactly what topics and key words to go after while helping to create a popping thumbnail to enhance CTR. Again knowing that it is YouTube certified so that your not worried about getting your channel banned or suspended is great too.