#PRprochat – a Twitter Chat
for PR Pros


Are you a public relations professional? A marketing pro struggling to learn PR skills? Then you might like Carrie’s monthly Twitter chat on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month at 3pm EST.

Just use the hashtag #PRprochat to follow along, and join in if you’re comfortable! It’s an amazing learning and networking opportunity.

There are some resources to the —-> right of this page (or underneath, if you’re on mobile) if you’ve never done a Twitter chat before. I personally use tweetchat.com.

Don’t forget to follow @morgancarrie on Twitter for details on upcoming chats!



June 2 – PR Frustrations & How to Fix Them

July. 7th – Troll Control with Jay Baer (Hug Your Haters)

Aug 4th – Social Media Sharing with Bryan Kramer (Shareology)

Sept 1st – Humanizing Brands


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#PRprochat launched in September of 2012.