Whew. It’s a New Year. Ready to Light 2014 on Fire?

Goodbye 2013Last night, I went to bed feeling abandoned by those I love the most, exhausted on a bone-deep level, struggling with becoming an empty nester, and brimming with grief and fear over overwhelming family crises I (mostly) can’t share… while wondering if I’m lucky enough to be pre-menopausal at 45, as my almost-mom threw at me last week.

I was ready to slink into my cave and give up.

Too much grief, too much stress and sadness, and fear for loved ones that I couldn’t shake added up to one of the most difficult years I’ve ever experienced.

But today? I woke up completely on fire.

Ready to shake off fear and excuses, and light up a TOTALLY FIERCE 2014. Ready to take back my life and business, and truly own the results. Ready to bring a stronger voice to my work, bring in new business for industries that I am most passionate about AND share knowledge in a major way.

What made the difference? 

I honestly don’t know, but I suspect social media had a LOT to do with it. Specifically this Facebook post, which hit my wall at just the right moment… and the overwhelming support generously given by my community every time I just couldn’t hold in the despair another minute and I reached out for support.

Perhaps the New Year gave me permission to shake off the old and create my own story, instead of trying to help others write theirs. Darn that co-dependent nature of mine…

I suspect it’s been percolating in my head for a while and finally floated to the surface this morning. I finally woke up ready. I realized I don’t have to give up MY LIFE to be there for other people. I gave myself permission to live on my terms, not everyone else’s.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful.

LIKE A PHOENIX rising, it’s time to come back with fierce intentions.

So what does this mean?

  1. I’m giving myself permission to show a more personal side of me, right alongside the professional side. Humor, sarcasm, vulnerabilities and all. Hope you like it! #heartwideopen
  2. I’m re-evaluating  business priorities and goals to drop what isn’t working, and bring fresh life to what is.
  3. I’m remaining focused on my true mission: helping clients and my growing community become more vibrant and visible online. #rockthestatusquo
  4. I am targeting new business efforts toward things I am passionate about.  Nothing else.
  5. I am committed to blogging more often. I’ve learned success is hampered by not posting enough, so I’m committed to ramping it up.
  6. I believe in doing what you fear, so I’ll be branching out into speaking – something that is extremely scary for me! Have mercy on me when I fumble, please.

Are you renewing your business goals for the New Year? Feel free to comment and share them. And if you like my work, please take a moment to show your support and subscribe right now if you haven’t yet. I’d really appreciate it.

In honor of #1, here are a few funky details about who Carrie REALLY is…