BLURT: Clarity

One of the areas I focus on frequently with my clients is clarity: clarity of message, clarity of metrics and ROI, clarity for why we use a certain platform or tool, and clarity of mission.

It doesn’t just apply to clients – it applies to how I run my own business as a digital PR consultantcy. (Is that a real word? Spell check doesn’t seem to think so.) 

It even applies to me personally, in terms of clarity around what kind of life I want to create, and why I do the things I do.

Sometimes we run so hard and so fast that we don’t give ourselves time to think – and thinking makes a hell of a difference. After all, we’re creatives or we wouldn’t be in the industry we are in, right?

How can we be transparent and authentic if we don’t have clarity?

And without clarity, how can we possibly rock the status quo? We wouldn’t even be able to identify exactly what that status quo is, and what audience we are targeting.

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Panic Attacks on the Air: Helping Clients (& Journalists) Through Them

Panic Attacks on the Air: Helping Clients (& Journalists) Through Them

Mom, come get me from school. I’m freaking out and nauseous.

Mom, I can’t get out of the car. I JUST CAN’T DO THIS. I can’t breathe! I think I’m going to pass out!

It’s happening again, Mom, I hate this!  I don’t understand why this is happening to me.

Teenagers have a difficult path getting to adulthood and when you throw panic attacks into the mix, that path becomes far MORE difficult. Torturous, even. As a parent, let me tell you… You feel pretty damn helpless. I hate it.

My daughter struggles with panic attacks, along with a nasty little negative voice in her head that comes along with them, and it’s become something that is heavily impacting her life. Her panic attacks have become so strong that she misses entire days of school. Her fear of having one magnifies them into monsters she can’t control.

She’s not alone.

Journalists also deal with panic attacks, sometimes even on the air live – and it’s far more common than most people realize.

Whether it lasts seconds or minutes, a panic attack is far more than just anxiety. They can be so severe that the person suffering the panic attack might actually think they are going to die, throw up, have a heart attack or pass out. They can’t rationalize or control their response, and it can happen without warning.

How to help someone having a panic attack can be a very useful skill for PR professionals. Who hasn’t had a client that becomes overly anxious at the thought of a live television interview? If that anxiety turned into a full-blown panic attack, would you know how to help them?

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Well, Ello, Guvna – Is There a New Kid in Town?

Well, Ello, Guvna – Is There a New Kid in Town?

New social media platform Ello is touted as an “anonymous Facebook with no ads.”  Popping up in the limelight where thousands of other wanna-be in the majors platforms have failed, is it something to rave about, or do they just have a great PR team?

According to The Guardian, the success of Ello was entirely unplanned. Whoops, but not a bad problem to have, right?

For a laugh, here’s what Jimmy Fallon has to say about it. (Hat tip to them for the “ello, guvna” line. It was just too fun to resist repeating!)

The very fact that it is anonymous might create some surprises, in terms of those suddenly free to spout of whatever political rhetoric they like, spoof any celebrity they want and otherwise wreak all sorts of havoc and mayhem. It will be fun to see the percent of business accounts, personal accounts and misbehavin’ accounts it ends up with.

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Start Collecting Those 2015 Editorial Calendars, PR Peeps

Start Collecting Those 2015 Editorial Calendars, PR Peeps

It’s officially fall! You know what that means? Guzzling uber-fattening pumpkin lattes at a thousand calories a pop, yes. Dusting off Halloween decorations, um hum. Doing the mad happy dance when Phoenix sidewalks don’t melt your shoes, oh, yeah. Loving it.

But even better…. fall’s arrival means it’s time to start collecting 2015 editorial calendars, if you haven’t started yet! Whooooooooot!

No whoot? It is a lot of work. If you think of the end results, it’s worth the hours invested. It gives you the power to pitch exactly what journalists want at exactly the right time.

It also gives you an opportunity to chat with editors and reporters on the phone, strengthening that relationship and perhaps discovering how you can blend their needs with yours.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet for Image Sizes

Social Media Cheat Sheet for Image Sizes

I don’t know about you, but I’m always having to Google the size of images for various social media platforms. To make my life easier – and maybe yours – I’ve put together a quick social media cheat sheet of image sizes for Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

I’ll do my best to keep it updated, so feel free to bookmark the link!

Social Media Cheat Sheet

(Download a PDF of my Social Media Cheat Sheet here)