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Snack on This: Leveraging Audience

Snack on This: Leveraging Audience

Yet another Cinderella movie is in the works for Disney – hopefully with a fresh, modern perspective wrapped in to make it different from the others. At least it’s not animated. But what makes this interesting from a PR perspective?

Wait for it………. it’s BRILLIANT.

Leveraging the millions of little girls who were captivated by the movie Frozen and still obsess over it over fifteen months later – buying millions of dollars in merchandise and making it the top selling 2014 Halloween costume – a ticket to see Cinderella ALSO gives you access to Frozen Part Deux, in the form of a short animated film called Frozen Fever.

The only way those kids can see Frozen Fever is to buy a ticket to Cinderella. Why do I love this so much? Disney is leveraging the existing audience devoted to Frozen to drive traffic, reach and awareness for another movie that targets the same audience and might have lukewarm reaction. LOVE it.


So – the thought I leave you with is this: how can YOU leverage an existing audience or an owned media asset to accomplish a new PR goal?

(Related – this @DailyDot post is an interesting read about how the movie Frozen changed Disney’s stance on copyright infringement.)

Google+ Changes Reinforce Importance of Owned Media

Google+ Changes Reinforce Importance of Owned Media

Water coolers all over the globe are buzzing today with news of a pending Google Plus demise.

Is anyone surprised? I’m not. The rumors started to fly as early as last April. (“Google Plus is Walking Dead,” TechCrunch, April 2014).

Time will tell what the difference is between fact and reality, since much of the editorial I’m reading today is pure speculation, but I know one thing for sure: it reinforces the importance of building OWNED MEDIA.

Google Plus iconIt doesn’t matter if G+ actually does go away or not. Last year’s incredible dwindle in Facebook reach, their purchase of Instagram, looming Twitter changes to wrap in more advertising – oh, and did we mention the Pinterest changes? – all signify one thing: while social media is still valuable, it’s more important than ever to focus on strategy first, tools second.

Even if the tsunami of social change weren’t overtaking us, it’s obvious that strategy must include a long-term vision and short-term strategies to build owned media.

Social media’s days as earned media are numbered – they are becoming paid media at a rapid pace. And more than ever before, social media is not a one-size-fits-all PR solution.

When it comes to building a community, the role of public relations professionals may be to initially create awareness using vehicles like press releases, social media platforms, editorial and other outreach methods, but at the end of the day – we need to also be advising clients on how to create those audiences on their own websites, not websites that belong to other people.

Just like the goal of editorial is typically to drive traffic back to a website, the goal of social media must be to also drive traffic back to a website – making the ability to convert that traffic more important than ever before. The goal isn’t to build an audience on the social media platform – the goal is to have that audience take action. Do you want email subscribers? Online sales? Event registration? Social media is a tool to get to your end goal, and we mustn’t lose sight of that.

Conversion often falls outside of the PR realm, belonging to the marketing department – but it’s a responsibility of PR professionals to have that conversation about PR  goals and how they fit into a conversion cycle.

Don’t talk to your clients about the platform; talk to them about what action you want that platform to acccomplish.

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Ten Awesome Free Digital PR eBooks to Put on Your iPad Tonight

Ten Awesome Free Digital PR eBooks to Put on Your iPad Tonight

Wondering what my favorite eBooks are? Here are a few you can download to your iPad or smartphone tonight to read as time allows. Not all of theme are recent, but I found each one of them to be valuable.

Registration is required for many of them, but don’t let that stop you. After all, who doesn’t want to grow their knowledge using freebies, right?!

Did you know reading makes you learn great things almost via osmosis? Become an avid reader and you magically become an avid LEARNER almost effortlessly. It fills up your brain with juicy little pieces of information that seem to pop out front-and-center right when you need them.

If you don’t read, you probably aren’t learning – a big mistake in today’s environment.

Glance these over and let me know if you find one particularly useful.

Five Free eBooks (or Presentations) To Download Now

  • Strengthen Your LinkedIn Skills: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn by…. um….. LinkedIn! Can’t get any closer to the source than that, right? It includes some very useful details.
  • Learn to Podcast: This new SlideShare deck from Jay called How to Produce a Podcast in 15 Steps is youtility at its best, including tips AND specific tools Sir Baer uses to fuel some of his success! And I LOVE his idea of sending guests an audio headset! It is a useful gift that also ensures the podcast is successful. If you haven’t tried them yet, podcasts are a fantastic way to create effective content. Just remember to make them educational, not just promotional! Word on the street is that audio is (re)emerging as one of the fastest growing content platforms for 2015.
  • Freshen up your skills with metrics: CyberAlert created a wonderful resource called The 2014 Measurement Handbook for PR, Marketing and Social Media. It has three parts, but if time is short, start with Part Three: Marketing Measurement: Implementing Metrics That Matter. Good stuff, Cyberalert!
  • Polish up your media relations smarts: BusinessWire’s 2014 Media Survey Results are very enlightening. I’ve blogged about them before, but if you haven’t checked it out yet – go take a look.

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Updated: 2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Updated: 2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Want a handy cheat sheet that gives you the sizes of images on major social media platforms at your fingertips? Bookmark this newly updated link or download the PDF.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

How to Hand-Hold Your Clients Through Perfect Live Media Interviews

How to Hand-Hold Your Clients Through Perfect Live Media Interviews

Your pitch worked! It was perfectly targeted to the TV journalist’s needs and audience, impeccably timed and well written. It’s booked at the station and on your client’s calendar.

So what comes next?

The interview! The very thought of appearing as a guest on live TV can make even the most seasoned media spokesperson quake in their boots and it’s our job to make sure they are prepared.

The February #PRprochat was lucky enough to have Gerard Braud as a special guest, author of “Don’t Speak to the Media Until…” and he shared some fantastic tips. He has specialized in media training and crisis communication planning since for the last twenty years, and is a wonderful source of expertise.

If you missed the chat, the full transcript is here but I thought I would highlight some of the best tweets in today’s post.

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