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What Our Search Behaviors Signify About The Future of PR

(Nerd post alert. Endorsed and paid for by Carrie’s Inner Geek.) Well, this is rather interesting!! I thought I’d take a quick look at Google Trends to come up with new keywords (blog inspiration!). First, […]

Can Twitter’s Decline be Saved With PR?

My Dad has brain cancer. It’s a traitorous, inexorable assassin that isn’t just ravaging his body. It’s¬†murdering everything about my dad that MAKES him who he was before cancer snuck in, while he’s still here. […]

How to Repurpose a Press Release

What is the difference between repurposed content and copied content? How can PR pros make use of it to expand coverage? What are a few ways to repurpose a press release? These were just a […]

Want to Build Trust Online? Don’t Neglect Customer Reviews.

Reviews matter, yet so many companies let them grow by default and inattention, rather than a focused effort – rarely monitoring what is being said unless a crisis flares up, grabbing everyone’s attention like firecrackers […]