Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach With Minimal Effort

Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach With Minimal Effort

10,908. That’s the number of eyeballs I’ve reached with the eight presentations I’ve uploaded to SlideShare.

Not too shabby for a niche vertical and a couple of hours time, right? It really didn’t take me any time at all, because I uploaded presentations that I created for speaking gigs, webinars or other events. A few of them needed minor tweaks or changes to give context, but it was fairly minimal.

HALF of that reach was from a single presentation. If I did a better job of creating content, it could be even better!

One person business – not enough ours in the day – you know how that goes. I think I do pretty good with the resources I have, for an indie. A business with more support could do far, FAR better.

Can you imagine the fantastic reach you could earn for your content if using SlideShare with dedicated time and energy – backed by a specific, focused content strategy? AMAZING things would happen, thanks to SlideShare’s large, built-in audience! It’s just waiting for you to tap into it.

Here are a few examples of insanely successful decks. The first has 55,000 views and growing – a few of these have far less reach, but are still are highly successful because of their tight targeting within a specific industry or audience.

Take a look…

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Above The Noise

Above The Noise

I’m thrilled to announce my newest book, Above The Noise. Barring issues, it should hit bookshelves in the first half of 2015.

It’s all about how to build an online marketing strategy based on clarity of messaging, positioning and target audience –  then using that clarity to create trust, value and reputation within the right target market so you can… rise above the noise! BOOM! LOL. I hope you love it as much as I do. =)

If you need a little help breaking through the online clutter with your company, product or service – this is the book for you! Be sure to subscribe so you get all the news and free goodies as they are rolled out.

I’m very excited about it and ready to tackle something new! While I have one publisher that’s approached me about a book deal, the sassy horse trader in me requires that I spend the next few weeks in the thick of pitching publishers until I solidify the right contract.

For those of you who have supported my first book, Digital Haystack – it’s still there, partially complete and waiting in the wings to be revived. I am expecting to publish it after Above The Noise as book #2. When I cancelled the publisher contract due to irreconcilable differences on the title and theme, then ended my agent relationship, I decided to put it on hiatus until terms of the previous contract expired. After all, who wants to pay royalties to an agent you aren’t even working with?!

On to bigger and better things.

Above The Noise will be an interesting hybrid of a print book, online social forum for readers to help and support each other, and free resources to help readers put the book tactics in motion for themselves. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted!

Snack on This: Be in the Moment

Yesterday, I watched my son enroll in college. The week before, I watched get out of my car to start his first day of high school, shaken by the tsunami of change in his life. The day before that – I swear it was just the day before – I watched his three-year-old self race across the floor at daycare screaming “MOMMY!!!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs, as if he hadn’t seen me in weeks, instead of just four hours before.

It’s ridiculous how fast you can blink and miss important moments. Why? Because your mind was on the next deadline, the next pitch, the next insane, pressure-filled thing you are juggling along with a dozen other things.

What are you missing?

I’ve been in the industry for over twenty years now, and a (mostly single) parent for eighteen of those years. Six of those years self-employed. In looking back, the one thing I would change would be to set a firmer line between work hours and non-work hours, putting work completely aside when the business day ends. Saving every precious minute at home with my children being IN THAT MOMENT, fully present and fully engaged.

I was better at that when employed than I’ve been as a business owner, but I work every day at improving.

Being in the moment opens unexpected doors

Even something as simple as providing parental taxi service to a rollerskating rink takes on new meaning when you are present, listening to the back-seat chatter of teenagers and learning more about your teenager’s life then you do in a direct conversation. Quietly snickering in the front seat is a private pleasure when you enjoy the moment.

I’ve also learned a surprising thing lately. When you are focused on the moment, your life changes. You become more joyful, more grateful, just… MORE.

Are you living in the moment?

3 Fast Ways To Fill A Slow-Moving PR Pipeline & Keep Clients Happy

3 Fast Ways To Fill A Slow-Moving PR Pipeline & Keep Clients Happy

You distributed a press release, landed a byline and pitched your heart out last month, but THIS month is looking pretty grim when it comes to landing fresh press. You’re stressing about it.

Then, adding sprinkles to your sugar-free poop cupcake, your client just asked the age-old question, “What have you done for me in the last five minutes?

Yikes. It’s no time to sit back and relax, or be over-confident.


So, what can you do next? Try one of these ideas to leverage the instant gratification nature of digital PR.

1.  Branch out of your client’s industry and consider other online vertical market applications. No matter what kind of product or service a client provides, there is always a way it can be connected to other markets. It doesn’t even matter if your client is b2b or b2c – getting creative with out-of-the-box thinking opens the door to a never-ending supply of relevant media opportunities. You’re only limited by your imagination.

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Rock The Pitch #10: PR Pros From The Journalist’s Viewpoint

Rock The Pitch #10: PR Pros From The Journalist’s Viewpoint

Journalists love to bash PR pros… and some of us give them ample reason, pitching without taking time to manage the due diligence that makes a pitch resonate.

Run into one that’s a bit prickly? This might be why.

This funny-yet-horrifying video was created by James Turner, a freelance journalist with an impressive background as a past senior editor at LinuxWorld Magazine who has written articles for prestigious publications such as the Christian Science Monitor and Wired.

The very same dogged persistence that makes the video funny isn’t so amusing when you are on the opposite end of a relentlessly bad pitch that completely wastes your time. No wonder most journalists don’t welcome phone calls! They would miss every deadline.

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