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Snack on This: Goals, Agendas & Secrets in Social Media

Snack on This: Goals, Agendas & Secrets in Social Media

I have secrets. Big ones that dominate my life every single day. They aren’t juicy or scandalous, but they are something I can’t share outside of close friends for family privacy reasons.

I’m one of those kind of people that can’t lie worth a damn and doesn’t really keep secrets of my own. I blurt out everything.

I do keep the occasional stash of chocolate hidden from my kids – which comes out into the open if they are smart enough to ASK if I have one – and I do tend to not tell people that because I work so much, my housekeeping usually leaves something to be desired. I’d also rather write something than clean house or do yard work – but I wouldn’t say those are secrets.  When I think of secrets, I think of something bigger. Something the person holding the secret REALLY doesn’t want to come out into the open.

Agendas can be seen that way, too, but they shouldn’t be interpreted as a bad thing. (Well, unless their agenda IS something bad. Duh.) 

In a business setting, I prefer to think of them as unspoken goals.

I caught a tweet the other day that criticised influencers for being semi-transparent and having an agenda. But don’t we all have an agenda on social media? It might be brand visibility and engagement, or it might be growing an audience for a personal brand…. but we all have agendas.

Yesterday, a very smart woman in my Above The Noise Facebook group (email me if you want in) said…

“To me a goal is the “what” and the agenda is the “why”. That is to say, if your goal is to increase market share by 25%, your agenda could be to become the dominant market leader for your industry.”

Good stuff, right? Her name is Robyn Itule and you can connect with her here.

What’s your agenda? Does it fit into a defined strategy?

A Ten-Minute Blog Post

I’m down with some sort of hideous stomach thing today, but I wanted to send out a quick post with links of value.

As part of my normal content curation this week, I sifted through hundreds of articles but only read a small handful. I found these three interesting and hope you find some value from them.

1. SEO Trends for 2015 from Rand Fishkin, MOZ

I’ll write a longer post about this in a few weeks, since I’d like to add some ideas to what Rand has to say, but this SlideShare includes some trends that every public relations practitioner should be following. Plus, some really GREAT photos of Rand sporting his glorious new ‘stache.

If you manage content development, SEO is an essential part of helping that content reach further and be more easily found.

2. How to Get Twitter Followers That Actually Matter by Melonie Dodaro, Top Dog Social Media

I often hear comments about how Twitter doesn’t work for people or they just don’t see the value in it, and the two things that really make it work well are (1) working from a defined strategy and (2) not following everyone back – building a specific, targeted audience that fits your strategy and goals. This article gives you some great advice to help make that happen. Read it here.

3. The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience: Content Syndication by QuickSprout

I ran some interesting content syndication tests in early 2014 to see how it benefited my blog. While it boosted my reach and social sharing, it did not boost subscribers. I’m not sure why, but I’ll be running a similar test again in early 2015 to make sure it wasn’t an issue related to my website. Lately my email subscribes jumped an incredible 30,000 percent after making some copy and form changes, so I’m wondering if there was a code glitch in the earlier version that nobody told me about. We’ll see…

Irregardless, content syndication is a GREAT way to help build visibility for a new blog. It can help it reach subscribers of similar publications, taking advantage of their reach to grow that of the new blog. If you’ve tried it out, let me know what happened. I like hearing about what has/hasn’t worked for others.

This post shares general syndication sites, rather than industry specific ones. I was only familiar with Outbrain, and would also throw Business2Community.com into the mix of sites to try. Read it here.

Now back to my couch…. My poor abused stomach! (The worst part is no coffee. Torture!!)

When a Client Turns Down That Juicy Media Interview…

THIS animation – it’s hilarious!! The plunger part in particular is laugh-until-your-belly-hurts-and-you-snort funny. I totally love it.


On a similar note, how are we supposed to resist all of the holiday yumminess that surrounds us every breathing moment!?! It’s impossible. I need that fishbowl stuck on MY head! (I know… Moderation, Carrie, moderation!) 

A relentless frenzy.

Sometimes public relations feels exactly like this piggy’s situation, but without the humor. Busting our humps day after day to pitch creative stories that go nowhere, then madly celebrating (even if it’s in the privacy of our own office) when we finally land one. Oh, the happiness!!!

It makes the relentless frenzy of seeking editorial worthwhile.

Until you find out the spot won’t happen after all, for reasons out of your control.

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Snack on This: What Does Success Look Like?

Snack on This: What Does Success Look Like?

I’ve changed my views on success over the last year – from money and influence to mindfulness and surrounding myself with what makes me happy. I’ve made a concerted effort to have a life instead of living for work.

Ironically enough, that’s when all the best things started happening.

I started to find myself again – rediscovering what I am passionate about, what fuels my energy, how I can help my teenagers grow into the amazing adults they are becoming, how to BE MORE POSITIVE and live in the moment.

I redecorated my living room to be beautiful and it makes me happy every time I’m in it. I picked up a few hobbies. I started hanging out with  friends instead of letting my introverted nature push me into my cave. I quit focusing on my children so hard and set them free. I’m still a helicopter parent, but I’m improving.

It’s been an interesting experiment.

Whenever you ask someone how they are doing, do you hear, “I’m really busy!” or “I’ve been working insanely hard lately!!”?

It seems like a universal answer that everyone gives. Are we measuring how successful we are in life by how BUSY we are?

It’s not the same thing. It’s not a badge of honor, either; it’s a gigantic red flag waving in our faces that everyone ignores. [Read more…]

Hey,  Influencer, Will You Help Me Do These 10,000 Things?

Hey, Influencer, Will You Help Me Do These 10,000 Things?

Rock The Pitch #11

“Hey I’m convincing a client to start a weekly chat #hashtagremoved 1PM would love help getting it rolling, if you could show up & help :)”

Once I was past the initial urge to correct his appalling grammar, I’ll admit to the twinge of resentment that popped up out of nowhere. Has this person ever joined MY chat? Nope. Has he ever left a comment on my blog? Nope. Has he ever liked a Facebook post or retweeted something I’ve written? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t. He isn’t part of my little tribe.

I could have responded with something snarky like “Golly, since you’re so active in MY chats, I’ll be there with bells on! Glad to help!”  Or, “Sure, where should I email the invoice for my time?” I didn’t. Restraint sucks, but if I can’t say something nice….

… Then I grumble about it to the dogs following me as I head to the kitchen and pour another cup of coffee. (They escort me everywhere. Like heading to the bathroom is more fascinating than their nap?)

Does it make me a grump to resent his request and expect him to give before he asks for a favor? Maybe, but I refuse to feel apologetic. I try to be a “pay it forward” kind of person, but there are times it just doesn’t make sense and it has nothing to do with generosity.

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